We are looking for dynamic entrepreneurs

Are you looking for the opportunity to build something permanent? Then maybe Sweden's fastest growing consulting group is an alternative.

Over the past six years Sigma has started over 20 new subsidiaries, each with a dynamic entrepreneur as its driving force. This explains why Sigma is the only consulting group with an organic growth of almost 30% per year. The Sigma Group now has 4400 employees.

As a privately owned group, Sigma can offer long-term part-ownership in a way which listed companies cannot.

We are now looking for motivated entrepreneurs who can build new companies or departments within the consulting business. Examples of priority areas are Cyber Security, AI, e-health, electric power, production and process technology. An absolute must is that you have the ability to build a sustainable consulting business with a couple of dozen employees within a couple of years.

For a confidential chat about the opportunities we can create together, please contact:

Håkan Karlsson
+46 (0)703-79 20 00



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