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We are a company that combines local drive with global strength. We have our base in Sweden, but we have clients and offices all over the world. And in those offices, we have a globally diverse team of co-workers. So, no matter where you are from or where you want to work, there is always a Sigma office in need of your skill and expertise, where you can contribute to a better tomorrow.

This is what local drive and global strength means to us

Sigma Technology

We offer digitalisation expertise in Sweden, Hungary, China, Norway, Germany and Ukraine and we deliver solutions to clients and projects all over the world. Our local drive and global strength allow us to offer a high-quality local delivery with a global reach with access to both competence and capacity. Whether you are looking for an expert to ensure your digital success or a dedicated team to take care of your project, we have a solution for you. No matter where you are.

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Sigma Connectivity

We want to be and work close to our clients. And maintain a family-like company culture. Working close to our clients means that we need to be global as well. We offer our employees relocation opportunities, which means we can deliver the right competence locally all around the globe. Being global also means being diverse and we have a strong belief that diversity drives innovation. It also increases our competence development, which means that we can keep on broadening our offer and deliver high-end solutions and products. Made locally, used globally.

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Sigma Industry East North

We have our base in Sweden, but our local drive and brilliance extend far beyond the country's borders. Several of our customers have the whole world as a game plan, which means that many of our consultants work on assignments that become solutions and products used all over the world. So even though we are in Sweden, our engineers are involved in developing technology around the world. In this process, we learn more and gain invaluable experience of needs and challenges in other parts of the world. It strengthens us in our local drive and makes us stronger in a global market.

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Sigma Industry South

We offer the industry in southern Sweden engineering consultancy within product and production development. Our clients stretch from small companies in the local market to world-leading international companies, operating in a global market. You can find fingerprints from our engineers on vehicles, vessels, filling and packaging machines all over the world. We employ a diverse group of engineers who origins from all corners of the world, contributing to a global perspective for all our clients.

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Sigma Industry West

Together with Sigma Embedded and Sigma Energy & Marine, we offer expertise in product development, embedded systems, connectivity, UX & design, energy, subsea and process industry. Familiarity and being close and personal have always been important to us and we have a company culture that is based on energy, transparency and participation. We have offices in Gothenburg, Oslo and Skövde, but our customers are world-leading, international companies with a global presence. This allows us to be involved in developing the latest technology in exciting projects wherever in the world the customer needs us.

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Sigma Civil

We are the community builders who strive to contribute to building a sustainable society. A society that makes it easy for people to work, study, live and move between local areas in the city and between other communities, cities and countries. In our way of thinking, the local is linked to the global, and our task is to connect the two sustainably. And to do this in the best way, we draw expertise and knowledge as well as employees and inspiration from all over the world. This together with the digital tools we use allows us to work globally and connect the local with the global.

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Sigma Software

Although most of us work from Ukraine, our technical expertise in combination with Nordic traditions and business culture allows us to deliver superior software solutions to over 200 clients globally. The high-end systems we develop locally, deliver benefits to customers in automotive, telecommunications, aviation, advertising, gaming industry, banking, real estate, and healthcare all over the world. We have advanced skills and ample resources to create large-scale solutions as well as guide startups from ideas to making a profit. Get in touch with us and let's see what kind of opportunities we can create together!

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