Our Delivery Methods

We make it our business to meet your and our other client’s needs. To do this we strive to adapt and optimize our delivery of competence to you and your business. One of the most important parts of this is our flexible delivery methods of know-how.


We support our customers in optimizing their costs through offshore/nearshore deliveries from such destinations as Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and India. We have elaborated a proven approach to IT services, that enables our customers to enjoy the advantages of blended delivery which combines the comfort of working with a local supplier, cost efficiency, and benefits of involving R&D engineers in eastern Europe and India. With over 1 000 experienced IT engineers delivering remotely, Sigma has successfully accomplished thousands of projects for big enterprises, innovative start-ups and product houses.

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We provide complete development or maintenance teams. These teams can either handle their assignment on-site with you or from one of our Sigma offices. As a customer, you set the requirement specification and determine the delivery data. We at Sigma then lead the process according to the model that we have agreed on.

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Managed Services

Managed Services are commitments and a delivery method where we are responsible for delivering the final result that the customer ordered. It can be a complete E-commerce solution, producing technical documentation, etc. We at Sigma lead the process and choose the models, procedures and methods that are most suitable for the assignment.

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We offer individual consultants to strengthen your expertise and capacity, both for your own organisation and for your partners. This is a competence delivery where you or your organisation lead the consultant in the day to day work.

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Recruitment is a strategic function and has a direct impact on your business. We offer services to help you with all your recruitment needs. We can help you with all or part of the recruitment, second opinions, profiling, tests and strategic commitments. These routines present your company in a professional light for the candidates, build your brand and ensure that you get the right skills.

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We go to all lengths to solve our client’s specific needs of competence and experience. That is why we, besides over 4000 of our own consultants, can offer experts from our large partner network of subcontractors and smaller consultancy companies. They are all quality assured by us and you can contract them on the same terms, routines and responsibilities as a Sigma employed consultant.

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Young Talent

To further help our customers with their growth of new expertise, we have developed a concept that we call Young Talent. This means that the customer can order competency recruitment together with a training program. After listening to your detailed specifications regarding profile, competence etc., Sigma recruits and hires a young person with the relevant education but with limited work experience. Together with the customer, we develop a training program that we at Sigma lead and implement. During the training period, the trainee works for the customer and after a certain time, usually between 6 and 12 months, the trainee is employed by the customer.

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We can also deliver expertise through brokers such as A Society, which is owned by Sigma's owner Danir. 

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