Embedded Software, DSP and algorithm developer

Lund, Sweden

Job description

Sigma Connectivity is a global design house developing products for leading international brands in a number of industries including consumer electronics, traditional industry, telecom, automotive, logistics and more.

We have close to 500 highly experienced engineers using background from connectivity in the fast paced electronics industry to connect all sorts of products put them online.

In the Business Unit Consumer Products we develop products and solutions for leading global brands as well as well as tomorrows technology leaders, which are start-ups today. Our customers are around the world and we help them pushing the boundaries of what is technical possible and in creating new business value. We are growing and looking to expand our SW organization with software developers.

Job description

Working with us, you will help customers realizing their ideas into products. In this we need to understand visions and ideas expressed by persons with many different backgrounds. We turn the ideas into technical solutions and develop them. We design the system with choosing existing components and designing new ones depending on needs and cost efficiency.

Our SW developers are designing, coding and integrating in different systems and on different platforms.

We are expanding with DSP programmers and algorithm developers.

Role and Responsibility

  • Develop and adapt audio algorithms.
  • Program firmware for DSPs
  • Develop software for CPU managing DSPs.
  • Contribute in pre-studies and propose technical solutions
  • Collaborate with specialists and developers from other technical areas like hardware, production technology, and quality verification
  • Investigate and learn new product domains in context of need to design the correct solutions


To succeed in this role you must have:

  • Knowledge and good understanding in digital signal processing and underlaying mathematics
  • Experience in programming DSPs
  • Knowledge and understanding in real time software development
  • Experience in C programming

Preferred requirements:

  • Knowledge and experience Audio signaling processing
  • Experience in matlab in general and convertion of algorithm to embedded code in specific
  • Experience in developing (big) systems of integrated functionality in software and hardware
  • Experience in developing consumer products
  • Development tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Coverity
  • Creative debugging with multiple sources and techniques like debuggers, log analysis, signal analysis, and protocol sniffers

On the soft side:

  • We are true to our slogan “You will never work alone”, and ability to work smoothly in teams with colleagues, customers, suppliers and other contacts is very important.


Sigma Connectivity is a unique consultancy company:

  • We run our projects in-house.
  • We have a strong team based setup, you never work alone.
  • We have the hardware and software knowledge and all the equipment to build and test complete products in-house.
  • Our focus is on connectivity, and with us you will have the possibility to work for some of the most demanding connectivity customers available, with highly motivated and skilled people in the team.
  • You will have access to cutting edge technology through our close cooperation with platform vendors and 3rd party companies.
  • The Sigma Connectivity culture is about sharing experiences and knowledge and we will encourage you to develop and grow your competence and skill with new challenges.

Apply as soon as possible as we review applications continuously .

More information

För mer information kontakta

Patric Helm,
+46 722333585

  • Position

    Embedded Software, DSP and algorithm developer

  • Company

    Sigma Connectivity

  • Location

    Lund, Sweden

  • Competence area

    Software development embedded systems

  • Publication date


  • Contact

    Patric Helm, Patric.Helm@sigmaconnectivity.se, 46722333585

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