San Jose, CA, United States Application deadline 2020-11-30

Job description


In this position as an optoelectronics test engineer, you will participate in the development of technologically advanced, multifaceted and wirelessly interconnected products. This role requires excellent understanding of the physics of optoelectronic sensors, image sensors and optics as well as an understanding of the technical challenges and prioritizations needed while developing products in the consumer electronics sector. You will perform evaluation, verification and calibration of optoelectronic design concepts using prototypes and finished products. Members of product development teams will rely on the accuracy of your results, analysis and recommendations when making decisions on design choices during the product development phase. Our expectations on a candidate are to be open-minded, driven, cooperative and interested in new technologies.


  • Analysis of product requirements related to image system performance

  • Evaluate and specify optoelectrical components

  • Participate in tuning of imaging software systems

  • Working in cross functional teams

  • Design and configuration of optoelectrical hardware systems

  • Creating test setups to reliably capture data needed in the projects if standard setups are

    not available

  • Writing scripts to collect and analyze data using Matlab, Python, and/or command line

  • Perform measurements, analyze data and report and explain the results

Basic qualifications

  • Minimum MS degree in Engineering Physics, Computer Science or related field

  • 3+ years’ experience evaluating optoelectronic components integrated in embedded


  • Experience testing optical components in lab environment and normal office

  • Good understanding of optics and image sensor technology

  • Experienced user of Matlab

  • Familiar working with Android adb or similar terminal applications for interfacing with

    embedded systems

  • Good knowledge of image processing e.g. sharpening, noise reduction, edge detection,

    white balancing, color reconstruction, scaling, etc.

  • Knowledge of colour science or colour management and electronic displays (LCD, OLED)

  • Experience of using Python and test automation or similar is a merit

  • Self-motivated and flexible to switch context

  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills

  • Team player

More information

For more information please contact

DucoJan Pilot

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  • Company

    Sigma Connectivity

  • Location

    San Jose, CA, United States

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  • Contact

    DucoJan Pilot, Ducojan.Pilot@sigmaconnectivity.com

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