Expect a better tomorrow

This is the Sigma promise, to our customers, our employees and to the world around us. In everything we do, we always strive to make a difference, improve our solutions and products and by doing so contribute to a better tomorrow.

Our community and social involvement run deep in our company culture and has a large part in our promise of a better tomorrow.

But even our good and long customer relationships testify that we continue to deliver work that makes a difference. And thus, keeping the promise of contributing to a better tomorrow for them and their business.

The values we build our promise on

Our core values passion and execution, together with teamwork, are the cornerstones on which we build our brand promise. A promise to our colleagues, clients, and the world around us.

The power of passion

If you are passionate and really dedicated to something in your spare time, it is most likely that you are the kind of person who brings that passion to work every morning. That is why you will find so many passionate co-workers at Sigma. Do you believe in the power of passion? That being really dedicated is giving you the edge. We believe that your passion is the beginning of a better tomorrow.

The strength of getting things done

Coming up with ideas is good. Making them work is great. It’s what you do that counts – not what you say. And being proactive, looking for new solutions and making good ideas great is in our nature, our personality. Do you believe in the strength of getting things done? That giving up is never an option. We believe that your hard work is the beginning of a better tomorrow.

The greatness of one added to another

We are extremely committed to everyone in our Sigma team. And we are convinced that working together as a team is the best way of doing things. We push each other, challenge each other and help one another to give our clients the quality of work they have become used to. Do you believe in the greatness of one added to another? That together is the key to change. We believe that you added to another, is the beginning of a better tomorrow.


We believe in the strength of getting things done, the power of passion and the greatness of one added to another.

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