We care about each other and the world around us

We are extremely committed to everyone in our Sigma team. And since we are a colourful mix of people from all walks of life, we are also committed to taking good care of the world around us.

As a large company, we have a huge responsibility to the ones who work at Sigma and the ones we do work for. But we also have a strong belief that we should take an active role in creating a better tomorrow for people all over the world. And with great people, with great ideas that drive development forward, this defines our operations and processes as well. 

Some of our commitments and social projects may seem small and insignificant, but more than often, small means a lot and sometimes it is the small frequent efforts that make the biggest difference.

Halving our emissions by 2030

As part of our climate commitment, our target is to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030, with the reference year 2019. We aim to achieve this by reducing our direct and indirect emissions according to the GHG Protocol’s scope 1 and 2, striving for efficient and sustainable energy usage and optimizing resource consumption. In addition, we are promoting sustainable commuting and reducing business travel to significantly reduce our scope 3 emissions. 

Star for Life

Star for Life is a unique program aimed at preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS among young people in southern Africa. The vision is to inspire school children to believe in their own futures and their dreams and support them in their efforts to live a life without AIDS. Star for Life was founded in 2005 and now involves more than 100 000 young people and their families in South Africa and Namibia.

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FC Rosengård

FC Rosengård is one of the most competitive women’s football teams in all of Europe. FC Rosengård is renowned for its focus on social development and helping young people realize their dreams.

FC Rosengård is active in two large social development projects, Boost, aimed at helping young people raise their level of competence and competitiveness in the labour market and Football for Life, strengthening the self-esteem and awareness of young women at hundreds of schools in South Africa. So far over 3000 participants have achieved their goal of employment or full-time education through Boost by FC Rosengård.

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Star for life foundation Jerusalem

This is an apolitical and religiously neutral initiative that focuses on better life opportunities for the people of East Jerusalem so that they can build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

The Star for Life foundation in Jerusalem is built around three cornerstones: SFL Education, with the objective to empower the young to realise their dreams and become responsible members of a caring society. SFL Sigma Labs focus on creating careers and IT jobs for the young. SFL Job Hub’s objective is to connect people and create more and better-paid jobs in the major part of the labour market in East Jerusalem which is outside the IT sector.

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Special Olympics Sweden

Special Olympics Sweden wants to inspire people with intellectual disabilities to engage in physical activities or sports. And they work to give everyone, regardless of ability, a chance to live a healthier and more physically active life. Internationally, Special Olympics engages over 5.5 million athletes, in 200 countries. In Sweden, there are over 10,000 registered Special Olympics athletes.

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Uppstart Malmö

Uppstart Malmö is partly a foundation that supports entrepreneurs in creating new job opportunities, and partly it’s a source of investment capital from a group of experienced entrepreneurs in Malmö. Many partners support the cause with their own personal experiences as well. Among the investors are Danir, the parent company of Sigma. The Chairman of the board of Uppstart Malmö is Dan Olofsson, the founder of Sigma.

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Emerging Cooking Solutions

More people die from smoky cooking than from malaria. Swedish-Zambian Emerging Cooking Solutions has developed a system with pellets for use in clean-burning cookstoves. The pellets come from biomass waste and therefore are renewable and sustainable. The system contributes to stopping deforestation, saving time, and improving health and household economy for the users.

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The Expect a better tomorrow foundation

There are theme days for almost everything, nowadays we even have one for a better tomorrow since we 2017 decided to make New Year's Eve “The International Expect a Better Tomorrow Day”. This is the day we present an initiative to highlight an injustice or imbalance, or to share knowledge about an important issue. And thus create a better tomorrow for someone or something.

During the first year, Segerpotten raised money for the winner of the Damallsvenskan (Swedish Women's Football league). The following year, the Funkisfonden reported on sports participation’s positive effect for people with intellectual disabilities. In 2020, Haveriet raised the levels of ocean literacy and recruited young sea ambassadors and Femmegineering, our initiative to get more women into engineering and tech education, was launched in 2021. During 2022, Heja Klubben! highlighted the invaluable efforts of sports clubs and their positive impact on Swedish society.

This year’s initiative for a better tomorrow is Sparks & Spender. A different kind of charity, where all raised funds go to Star for Life and their well-established work with children and young people in southern Africa. Still today, the lack of basic hygiene products poses a great challenge and has major consequences for these kids. We want to help change that.

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Read more about this year’s initiative

Swedes for Ukraine

With almost 2 000 colleagues at Sigma Software in Ukraine, we have a special bond with the country. And when we now witness Russia’s brutal attack on their homeland it breaks our hearts. But not our spirit.

Swedes for Ukraine was a web-based platform active between 2022-2024, built by our colleagues at Sigma Software, colleagues who are still in Ukraine and wanted to make a difference for Ukrainian refugees who were safe in Sweden but in need of housing.


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