It’s Femme O’clock – Time for a more equal industry

The tech industry is screaming for engineers, especially female engineers. But only around 25 % of those who apply for engineering programs are women. A number that we want to change, and therefore must strive to change.

Femmegineering aims to get more women into the industry and more girls to choose a technical career. An aim that will make the entire industry more equal. It’s about time, it’s femme O’clock!

Get inspired by and with us

We aim to provide new ideas as well as put equality high on the agenda. We are working with seminars and education for our co-workers. And we are making sure that we always keep on inspiring everyone to work towards a more equal industry.

Please feel free to join us at our inspirational events. Events where we hope to spread knowledge and thoughts that generate new fresh ideas to this tired old problem.

Hall of femme


Femmegineering started with the main objective of trying to get more girls and women to choose a technical education by highlighting female role models in the industry.

For us to get more women in the tech industry, we need to ensure that the interest in technology remains among young girls and that we continue to make the women in the technology industry seen. Representation is key.

But we also need to tell you more about everything that an engineer actually does. What enormous, exciting, and varied career opportunities an engineering education entails. If we manage to do this, we are well on the way to balancing the industry.

Questions or suggestions

Are you also passionate about a more equal industry, and a more equal society and have thoughts and suggestions on what to change or improve? Or do you have any questions in general about Femmegineering or our events? Email us. We always have time for you, your questions, thoughts, and ideas.

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